What does a migraine calendar look like?

A migraine calendar is used to track the frequency and severity of your migraines and headaches.

There are many different designs, but most are a list / calendar with the following information:


Notes for:

  • Medication: What did you take to treat the migraine. This is very important to keep track of, so you don’t overmedicate, which can end up making your situation worse.
  • Triggers: A record of potential triggers that can cause the migraine. It can be stress, certain foods, hormonal changes, weather changes etc.
  • General notes: Any additional information about the migraine, such as activities done prior to the attack, changes in your routine, or other factors that may have affected the migraine.

Time –  The time the migraine started and ended.

Duration – The length of the migraine.

Depending on your situation some fields may not be relevant. A very thorough migraine diary can end up not being used, if it’s too much work to fill out.